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We provide lots of love and attention to each and every one of our pets. They are our family!

Our goal is to be responsible breeders and raise puppies and dogs that project the AKC breed standards. We have 5 generation pedigrees on most of our adults, some have 3 years but others have 6 or 7 generations back. We feel we breed healthy and happy dogs that produce quality puppies. By maintaining meticulous records and breeding with the perfect mate, we strive to achieve clean genetic lines. Within our continuing bloodlines, since 1996, there has never been an instance of defect or genetic problem with our puppies! 

Our goal is for our puppies to be placed in a forever happy home. We do not sell to pet stores or brokers. If you are ever unable to keep this puppy, we want you to contact us. We will help you find a suitable home for your puppy. We never want our puppies to be placed in an animal shelter or humane society. We believe in forever homes!

We suggest brushing 1-2 times a week to prevent matting. Some breeds are easier to maintain and may only require a quick brush every-so-often to keep "pretty" looking while others will need brushed frequently. The type of haircut you have will have a lot to do with the amount of maintenance required. Periodic grooming is necessary to keep the hair at your preferred level and to keep hair out of eyes/face.

Always brush prior to bathing, as the hair will be harder to brush!

~ This is our daughter on 04-20-12 getting ready to help mommy with brushing and bathing our adults ~

We suggest bathing no more than 1 time a month, as excessive bathing will cause dryness of skin. We like to use the "expensive" shampoo and conditioner for all of our dogs. Why? Spend the extra money and they will have a wonderful coat...you are not going to use that much and a small bottle may last you over a year, definitely worth the money.

I suggest a shampoo with oatmeal to keep their skin moisturized.

For the breeds that are white, I suggest a shampoo that is blue in color (designed specifically for keeping the coat nice and white).

We do not (nor will ever) bleach our puppies face or eye area to make them white. We work very hard to keep our puppies healthy and will not jeopardize future eye problems because we want a "good picture". With a simple daily wipe on the face with a washcloth and other natural ways/products, as suggested by our veterinary Dr. Wells, you can easily keep this area clean and white.

We always leave food and water out for our puppies. They usually get their first feeding of the day around 6:30am. Sometimes there is extra food left over in the evenings...other times they are out and we give them more. Depending on their activity level for the day (i.e., if it is nice outside they go out the doggie door and play) they will eat more or less. The general rule-of-thumb is to give 1/2 cup twice or three times a day.

We feed them really expensive and quality puppy food. It is called Royal Canine Small Breed Puppy. You can get it from your local PetsMart. Again, this is really pricey but I believe that feeding well is good to their health. This particular food allows for them to eat less and absorb more versus having extra fillers. I really like it. We always give them hard food (not soft or canned food).

You are not obligated to use the same food but if you do change their food, we suggest Purina Pro Puppy. When you change-over their food, do so slowly...over a several day period. For example, 80/20, the next day maybe 70/30, and so on. This helps with the change and helps them adjust better.

Never give them milk.

We buy the "Greenies" for our adults. We do not give the puppies any treats. When they get older, about 6 months, I give them treats like I give to our adults.

What I do...

I buy the large container (about $25) for the Teenies (96 treats per container). I then dump out the entire container and pre-cut each 'tinie brush' into thirds. I give each adults at least one (3rd) a day. My thought process is that if you give them the whole treat, they will like it but if you give them the same treat (splitting it into 3 different times), they will do more for you and appreciate it even more. Also, instead of 96 treats I have 288 treats!

Tip: the treats get hard if left out, always seal your container back up.

Puppies love when our children have treats, pictured here our son 02-19-11 with a puppy sleeping next to him.

What toys do they like?

The easiest (and cheapest toy) that they absolutely love...socks.

We do not give them things they can "chew" on. If you start the behavior of telling them it is 'ok' to chew on things, they will. A sock is soft, easy for them to play with, and easily washable/replaceable.

Our children always have to have a puppy go with us...almost everywhere we go.

~ 12-10-11 picture of our daughter sleeping with a puppy ~

The puppies love to go 'bye-bye'. They either sit on my lap or on a blanket in the passenger seat.

They travel really well and enjoy it. They are intrigued and curious

They are always around the kids so they feel very comfortable!

Due to maintaining the health and safety of our pets, all puppies will be available to their new home when they are 8 weeks old. Some of our puppies are very small so I may keep them a little longer.

Healthy pets are of utmost important to us!

Germs and Parvo can be brought in on hands, shoes, and/or clothing. Some of our puppies may not be old enough for vaccination therefore, to reduce the risk of disease spreading...no person may enter our puppy area and no potential buyer may touch/hold the puppies prior to their 5 week vaccination. Rather, we will hold the puppies for viewing and show them in our home. We can also bring the mom and dad into our home for you to see how wonderful our family pets are. Each one has a unique personality and are very friendly and lovable to all.

We do not offer stud service. All of our pets are healthy and free of disease. We strive to keep the breeding and whelping area as clean and sanitary as possible.

In order to maintain our excellent environment and provide healthy pets, we do not offer this service.

Lastly, we want to personally thank a few people...

George and Cathy for their wonderful support and mentoring for breeding the highest quality pets.

Donna for helping us all those years with vet tech support.

Dr. Well's for providing quality veterinary care.

Dr. Jen and Dr. Beth for your awesomeness and flexibility in getting me in at the last moment, year after year you have helped me with my pups and adults.

Doc Shaffer for being the best at emergency surgeries.

Dr. Scott for your new-age veterinary practices.

Jocelyn for helping me with the pups and keeping my sanity while I do all the office work and filing of papers in binder, this in itself is a full-time job!