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We are staying very busy with the children and the puppies...lots of fun times and great memories! Most of our girls come in heat in cycles together so we have lots of puppies at the same time, then no puppies for several months. This is such a fun time for us but also very time-consuming...I do wish at times they would be more spread out but nature has a mind of its own. This coming month is going to be a busy month for us delivering :-)

I work hard to keep pictures updated...you can always call to find out current status too.

WE DO NOT BREED EVERY CYCLE! There are times when a girl does come in heat early or unexpectedly and they do breed but we have years of history that shows we do not breed over-and-over. This is not what we are about. We want to only provide families with a good, solid, quality puppy that they can love for years to come.    

We are very flexible with meeting you, especially since my husband and I work different shifts/schedules at work.   I try to keep the website updated with as much information you need to make the best decision on which puppy is right for you. Call, text, or email if you require additional information...I am quick in replying.

At a minimum, your puppy has everything they need when they leave our home at 8 weeks of age  
(3 sets of worming, 2 parvo vaccinations, 2 full sets of puppy shots, and a bordatella kennel cough intra-nasal vaccination) including their own 2-sided brush, a steel comb, a toothbrush, a small bag of food, and their blanket with mom and litter mates scent on it. I give lots of extras too!

At around 5-6 weeks, they start following mom out the doggie door. By the time you get your new addition, he or she (hopefully) will have no accidents in your home. I have had great success in how I train my puppies!

All deposits are non-refundable...

I do hold puppies for that special time or when you have your home "puppy proofed". When I hold a puppy, they live with us and our children. I train them as if they were mine! See 'Testimonials' page.

Friday, February 23rd Schedule:

6pm - Leaving our home

Meeting Location:
Cracker Barrel
502 Brock Dr
Bloomington, IL 61701

8:30pm - Meeting Shane (Chicago) for Mila's tiny Morkie Female #1
In 2016 they brought home two puppies, they are now wanting a third one for a pocket puppy :-)


I have been invited to attend the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL. Driving from our home in Illinois to Orlando.

Leaving (late) Saturday, 03-17 and can deliver a pup along our route from Illinois to Florida for no additional charge (since we obviously are going there anyways). We are driving straight through and will arrive in Orlando mid-morning on Sunday, 03-18.

Call to arrange meeting for delivery/meeting to get your new pup!!!

Note: my husband and mother will be staying at the house watching the dogs. During my absence I will still be answering calls and keeping up with emails. Puppies will still be available to view while I am gone, I will just be on the phone while they are physically at the house.  

~ Parents ~
AKC Yorkshire Terrier "Mila" ( 4 1/2
lbs )                   
Maltese "Tinker" ( 5 lbs )              
 Born 11-24-17, 8 wks 01-19-18

Female #2 -  Sold to Angie (Bloomington-Normal)
Female #4 - Sold to Shannon (St. Louis), they first reached out to me to get a puppy from me for a donation to Ursuline Academy years ago and simply fell in love with my pups :-) They have three of my pups already and got this little girl to complete their home.

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Male -  $1,300 - AVAILABLE

~ This boy loves to play. He is so fun but...when it's time to cuddle (aww) he is right on your lap giving kisses. It doesn't matter who you are, he is so friendly and comes right up to you, great personality! ~

12-03-17 weight: 0.57 pounds
12-18-17 weight: 1.29 pounds
01-05-18 weight: 2.18 pounds
02-11-18 weight: 3.74 pounds

Pictures taken 02-11-18

Female #1 -  $1,800 - Pending sale to Shane (Chicago)

*02-23 meeting in Bloomington late int he evening

~ This girl is really itty, she stayed with mom until 02-10...she is now ready to go at a little over 11 weeks old. She is very tiny boned and just as cute and tiny as can be!!! She's doing awesome and is eating well ~

12-03-17 weight: 0.47 pounds
12-18-17 weight: 1.04 pounds
01-05-18 weight: 1.36 pounds
02-11-18 weight: 1.84 pounds

Pictures taken 02-11-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Female #3 -  $1,500 - AVAILABLE

~ The pics turned out a little darker, like a deeper yellow-golden but I think it was just the flash maybe going off. She is so cute and has such an outgoing personality. You can see in her pics she is just all about what's going on and curious about everything. She is great at interacting with people and having fun with toys and her litter mates ~

12-03-17 weight: 0.51 pounds
12-18-17 weight: 1.11 pounds
01-05-18 weight: 1.78 pounds
02-11-18 weight: 3.25 pounds

Pictures taken 02-11-18

~ Parents ~
AKC Shih Tzu "Mary" ( 10
lbs )                   
& AKC Bichon Frise
"Callen" ( 8 lbs )              
 Born 11-26-17, 8 wks 01-21-18

Male #1 -  Sold to Oglica (Austin, TX) referred by a work colleague, Kristin from Chicago who has one of our Shichon "Teddy Bear" puppies. Thank you Kristin!!!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Male #2 - Sold to Sapana (Northern IL Subs)
Male #3 - Sold to Linda (Marion), one of her family members got a Shichon from me about 4 years ago and Linda came to visit and took this fluffy big boy home :-)
Female #1 -  Sold to Lisa (San Diego, CA)

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Female #2 -
$1,600 - AVAILABLE

~ This girl is all white girl but is showing a little bit of tan/cream coloring on her left ear now that she's getting a bit older. This girl has the white around her right eye and a little black eyeliner around the left eye. She knows she is cute and she is a show-off, a little attention and she wants more and more loving...she is really sweet (and fluffy :-)   ~

12-03-17 weight: 0.82 pounds
12-19-17 weight: 2.07 pounds
01-04-18 weight: 3.09 pounds
01-14-18 weight: 3.72 pounds
02-10-18 weight: 5.43 pounds

Pictures taken 02-10-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Female #3 - $1,600 AVAILABLE

~ This girl looks like she will be an all white girl.
This girl also has the white around her right eye and a little black eyeliner around the left eye. This girl was shy but now her fun and sweet personality is coming out.  ~


12-03-17 weight: 0.71 pounds
12-19-17 weight: 1.73 pounds
01-04-18 weight: 2.48 pounds
01-14-18 weight: 3.07 pounds
02-10-18 weight: 3.88 pounds

Pictures taken 02-10-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Female #4 -  $1,800 - AVAILABLE

~ Black and white little girl. At first, about 6-8 weeks this girl was a spit-fire, she was playful and super fun. She WAS always the first to get the toys and "socks". Now that his siblings are going home, she has mellowed out quite a bit. She's a sweet girl, still loves playing but not crazy anymore ;-) Pics are so hard to capture the black/white ones but this girl is absolutely gorgeous!!! ~

12-03-17 weight: 0.45 pounds
12-19-17 weight: 1.18 pounds
01-04-18 weight: 2.18 pounds
01-14-18 weight: 2.73 pounds
02-10-18 weight: 4.09 pounds

Pictures taken 02-10-18

~ Parents ~
AKC Shih Tzu "Fudge" ( 8
lbs )                   
& AKC Bichon Frise
"Jet" ( 6 lbs )    **CHAMPION BLOODLINES**              
Born 12-17-17, 8 wks 02-11-18

Male - Sold to Jessica (Tinley Park)
Female 2 & 3 - Sold to Janessa (Peoria)

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Female #1 -  $1,800 - AVAILABLE

~ Black girl with a white chest, smallest of the litter. This girl is super cute, she is a "poser" and likes attention. She follows me around and literally, sits at my feet (right in between them in front of me) when I am at the computer. I love to have the company while I'm working but have to be very careful I don't roll my chair ;-)  Great little personality! ~

01-01-18 weight: 0.71 pounds
02-10-18 weight: 2.78 pounds
02-20-18 weight: 3.42 pounds

Pictures taken 02-10-18

~ Parents ~
AKC Toy Poodle "Eden" ( 4
lbs )                   
& AKC Toy Poodle
"Coby" ( 5 lbs )              
 Born 12-31-17, 8 wks 02-25-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Male -  $3,000 - AVAILABLE

~ My 9yr old daughter takes my 7yr old son's blue zippo hat and puts this boy in it...he loves this for his blankie :-) He's very tiny. No breeding for this boy or crazy homes with little kids (he is tiny boned so one little drop and he can be hurt badly).
I took a pic of my hand over his body, he will be fitting in my hand still for several more weeks (or months) ~

Note: this boy is really tiny, he will be super small (t-cup size)

He will NOT be ready to go to his new home until I am 100% confident he is fine without momma. I am thinking 3 months is a good estimate.

02-11-18 weight: 1.11 pounds (at 6 weeks of age)

Pictures taken 02-11-18

~ Parents ~
Shichon "Teddy Bear" Luna ( 10
lbs )                 
& AKC Toy Poodle "Casanova"
( 7 lbs )          **CHAMPION BLOODLINES**
 Born 01-09-18, 8 wks 03-06-18

Male #1 -  $2,000 - Sold to Sharron (Springfield)

*Coming to visit us around 6 weeks to play with her pup and visit with him before he goes home at 8 weeks.

01-31-18 weight: 1.33 pounds
02-12-18 weight: 2.52 pounds

Pictures taken 02-12-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Male #2 -  $2,000 - AVAILABLE

~ This boy looks all proper and nice when he's getting his pic taken and being held but...he is a feisty little one, he does like his toys :-)  ~

01-31-18 weight: 0.99 pounds
02-12-18 weight: 1.88 pounds

Pictures taken 02-12-18

Female #1 -  $2,000 - Sold to Anita (Egremont, MA)

*03-17 Anita is flying into St. Louis to bring her girl home. This special puppy is going to be a therapy dog for young students...based on her personality, she is going to do an awesome job!!!

01-31-18 weight: 1.24 pounds
02-12-18 weight: 2.78 pounds

Pictures taken 02-12-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Female #2 -  $2,000 - AVAILABLE

01-31-18 weight: 0.89 pounds
02-12-18 weight: 1.69 pounds

Pictures taken 02-12-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Female #3-  $2,000 - AVAILABLE

01-31-18 weight: 1.10 pounds
02-12-18 weight: 2.24 pounds

Pictures taken 02-12-18

~ Parents ~
AKC Miniature Schnauzer "Passion" ( 10
lbs )                 
& AKC Toy Poodle "Casanova"
( 7 lbs )          **CHAMPION BLOODLINES**
Born 02-03-18, 8 wks 03-31-18

Male #1 -  $1,800 - Pending sale to Larry (New Baden)

*He visited with us a few months ago, he has been waiting for either Passion or Storm to have schnoodle puppies. They have arrived :-)

~ Black boy with a little white chest and a tad bit of red on his chin ~

02-10-18 weight: 0.72 pounds
02-22-18 weight: 1.48 pounds

Pictures taken 02-22-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Male #2 -  $1,800 - AVAILABLE

~ Solid black boy. It is super hard to get a solid color Schnoodle puppy but here he is!!! I haven't had a solid color one in a really-really long time. Nice even deep and shiny black coloring ~

02-10-18 weight: 0.59 pounds
02-22-18 weight: 1.12 pounds

Pictures taken 02-22-18

Female -  $2,000 -
Pending sale to Larry (New Baden)

*He visited with us a few months ago, he has been waiting for either Passion or Storm to have schnoodle puppies. They have arrived :-)

~ This girl is black and red. She favors the poodle side and will look more poodle than schnauzer. Her colors right now almost look like she's a yorkie (but she's obviously not). Her red coloring will come out more and more, eventually the black will start to fade (that is my prediction based upon my experience with these colors) ~

02-10-18 weight: 0.71 pounds
02-22-18 weight: 1.46 pounds

Pictures taken 02-22-18

~ Parents ~
AKC Miniature Schnauzer "Lily" ( 13
lbs )                 
& AKC Bichon Frise "Callen"
( 8 lbs )          
Born 02-14-18, 8 wks 04-11-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Male #1 -  $1,600 - AVAILABLE

~ White boy (he has a very light touch of cream but I believe he will be white) ~

02-22-18 weight: 0.73 pounds

Pictures taken 02-22-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Male #2 -  $1,600 -


~ White boy with deep brown and mostly black markings around face ~

02-22-18 weight: 0.94 pounds

Pictures taken 02-22-18

Male #3 -  $1,600 - Pending sale to Jenny (Ann Arbor, MI)

*Jenny has been waiting for a boy to be born, we finally got one :-)


~ White boy with lighter brown markings and black around face ~

02-22-18 weight: 0.92 pounds

Pictures taken 02-22-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Female #1 -  $1,800 - AVAILABLE

~ White (almost a light cream) girl. I believe she will be an all white girl as she gets older ~

02-22-18 weight: 0.65 pounds

Pictures taken 02-22-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Female #2 -  $2,000 - AVAILABLE

~ White & brown multicolored beautiful girl, lots of markings on this little girl ~

02-22-18 weight: 0.69 pounds

Pictures taken 02-22-18

~ Parents ~
AKC Toy Poodle "Paige" ( 8
lbs )                 
& AKC Toy Poodle "Ace"
( 8 lbs )          
Born 02-18-18, 8 wks 04-15-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Male -  $1,800 - AVAILABLE

~ Brown boy ~

02-22-18 weight: 0.32 pounds

Pictures taken 02-22-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Female #1 -  $1,800 - AVAILABLE

~ Black girl ~

02-22-18 weight: 0.42 pounds

Pictures taken 02-22-18

~ A V A I L A B L E ~

Female #2 -  $2,000 - AVAILABLE

~ Brown girl ~

02-22-18 weight: 0.35 pounds

Pictures taken 02-22-18

01-22 she is showing
02-14 figuring out if this girl is prego...hmmm

01-02 confirmed bred
01-22 not really showing much, estimate puppies early March

If there are girls born, the girls are pending sale already (to me;-) We are retiring Gemini so this will be her last litter. Fingers crossed for some girls to continue her awesome champion bloodline!!!

01-05 confirmed bred
01-22 not showing or anything but will start in the next couple of weeks to get her belly
Estimate puppies first week of March

02-04 in-heat

These are the people that are interested in upcoming litters:
Please note...I do not take deposits until pups are born.

** 01-08-18 ** Isabella (Lincoln) gets first choice of Cupcake and Ace's (now retired male stud) Yorkie-Poo litter if prego or Cupcake and Coby's litter that she is with now when born. She was referred by a friend Janine (Deerfield) who got a YorkiePoo boy from us 2 years ago :-)

** 01-11-18 ** Joe & Lea (Arlington Heights) gets first choice of ShihTzu boys, they purchased a beautiful ShihTzu boy from us 3 years ago and now want to get a little brother for their Roscoe :-)

** 01-22-18 ** Kathy (San Antonio) got a red toy poodle boy from us a few years ago and her son would like one just like him.

** 02-01-18 ** Kami (Orlando, FL) for her best friend, wants to know when the Chonzer pups from Cathy & Callen are born (Kami has one of our current bloodlines from 10 years ago and loves hers!) They are just interested in seeing pics.

** 02-07-18 Corey (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) wants to know when the next litter of Chonzers are born, not wanting a pup for a couple of months.

** 02-09-18 Larry (Pickneyville) wants to visit Bichon Frise puppies to see if grandson is able to be around hypoallergenic dogs. He has horrible allergies. We are going to create a sterile, controlled environment with our Bichons to see if he reacts sometime later this month (no rush). If allergies are ok then they would like to get a Bichon (male) from Candy Cane & Callen's litter.

** 02-10-18 Lisa (West Bend, IN) wants to know when Bichon Frise puppies (girls) are born.


All of my girl come in heat all about the same time and then all have puppies at the same time.

I have several litters at a time then nothing for a couple of months. It's really just nature (and the weather!)

I try to keep the website updated (literally every day) so I can provide the best possible information to my new puppy owners.

How exact am I?
I am pretty good :-)
I know every one of my dogs in and out so any change at all I notice.
I am able to be really-really close on my estimate on how many pups will be born.

How do I know how many puppies?
No, I do not have an x-ray machine. I simply have the touch to know my dogs and what is going on.
My husband and I sometimes get into little bets about how many pups and colors. I usually win :-)

Can I determine color?
Most times, yes but Shichon "Teddy Bears" I have no clue until they are born.

Can I determine gender?

Can I determine how they will look?
Absolutely! I can tell from past history and their pedigrees.
I have had so many generations of the lineage over the years so I can usually give my best estimate on physical characteristics.
Examples: smoothy faces, ear length, stockiness, coat thickness.
I just know my lines and my dogs.

Can I estimate the pups personality?
Yes. The pups personality is usually reflective of the momma (the one who raises them). If a mom is hyper then pups might be. If a mom is chilled and calm, then the pups usually are. The amount of pups definitely determine the personable nature of the puppy. I can usually guestimate early on how the pups will be.

Can I estimate size?
Usually yes. Sometimes a pup surprises me and gets chunky. I can only do my part but how the are fed when they leave my home is really the biggest determination. How many times a day you feed...how much you feed...do you give training treats...what about table scraps (I hope not). This is all a factor. Also how many pups are born, if a mom has a lot of milk and the season it is (rainy, cold, hot, nice weather, etc).