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"Coburn's Ricardo of Reveille





Super sweet boy, absolutely lovable. Likes other dogs, plays well and is definitely smart.


Pictures taken 11-09-17

"Fuehne's Magnificent Coby"

~ Coby is a tiny-tiny black/white part toy poodle ~

His hair is very soft, smooth, and fluffy.



"Fuehne's Red Ninja"

My son was big into Ninja when we named this boy as a baby so he is the "red" ninja :-)

Ninja is awesome, he produces the black nose and also the liver noses.

He's pretty good...actually amazing when it comes to performing. He was yet another one of my toy poodles selected to be on the front of dog food bags.

This pic was from his photo shoot for Science Diet Japan and a new treat brand (I can't say yet...those haven't come out of the shelves yet :-)

"Fuehne's Hot Casanova"

He is a beautiful, gorgeous, top-notch, show-quality red toy poodle with an excellent disposition.


He is gorgeous, beautiful and everything I want in a stud. He has now got his "stuff" in and he is doing an amazing job with taking care of the little ladies. He produces some beautiful "reds" that have an excellent coat!!!

His baby toy poodles were selected as well a few times now) to be on advertisements for some top food companies...Science Diet, Science Diet Japan, Prescription Diet.

If you see any "reds", then most likely these are my pups!!!

“Fuehne’s Darling Dottie”

Dottie is super cute!!!

Her parents are Eden ( 4 lb black/white parti) and Coby ( 4 lb black/white parti).

Dottie's personality is very sweet and kind. She is friendly in every way and loves to be held. She is still too young to breed but when she does, we will put her with Tinker, our 5lb Maltese for super-cute black/white parti Malti-Poo puppies

Pictures taken 05-01-17

"Fuehne's Enchanted Ella"

She is a creme color but carried the 'Parti' coloring in her bloodlines.

Her puppies may have the parti coloring...her and Eden are sisters.

Ella is very affectionate and lovable.

Our daughter helped name her, hence the 'Enchanted Ella'.

     ~ She is so tiny and super cute ~

"Fuehne's Pure Halo"

Halo is CHAMPION SIRED!!! I delivered this baby and when I saw the black/red coloring, I just knew she was a keeper!!! Not only a champion daddy but also all the browns and reds in her pedigree definitely made her unique. I was in love!!!

Halo has not bred yet. She will be with Ninja when she breeds and I expect the most prettiest red puppies to be born. Until then...

Pictures taken 05-01-17

"Fuehne's Hidden Paige"

This girl is a beautiful black girl with a thick and shiny coat. This is my first black girl that I have kept to breed so I am (in a sense) turning the page (finding that hidden page) to break-out into the black toy poodles.

Paige has some very nice bloodlines, she has 6 of 14 champions in her direct 3-year pedigree :-)

She is such a darling girl who is very clingy to me. She follows me everywhere and is the first to steal my lap and scoot closer to me to be the closest of the dogs. She sleeps with me in my bed and is right on top of my head...as I said, the closer she is to me the better. She loves me dearly.

Pictures taken 05-01-17

"Fuehne's Sweet Juliet"

Juliet's mom is Ella (5lb cream beauty) and Romeo (silver 8 lb awesome boy, now retired).

Romeo is show quality and is in retirement but his brother was show and was competing in the AKC ring for his championship.

Very nice pedigrees on this girl!!!

Pictures taken 05-01-17

"Pentastar's Tahiti Sunset"

Dana is CHAMPION SIRED and..also comes from a Breeder of Merit. She has the Dossinger lines in her and is very beautiful.

Dana has awesome bloodlines, she has 26 of 62 champions in her 5-year pedigree :-)

Dana follows me everywhere.

Her and Paige often compete on who gets closer to me so at times they don't always get along but they are both loved equally by me!!!

Pictures taken 05-01-17

"Classy's Delightful Lucy"

Lucy has 10 champions in her bloodline and is such sweet as ever. Her personality is very caring, gentle and calm.

I am awaiting a girl to be born from Lucy & Ninja and then Lucy will be retired. I can't wait for their puppies to be born, she is an amazing momma!!!

Pictures taken 05-01-17

"Fuehne's Queen Jene"

Jean is CHAMPION SIRED and is also the daughter of my Devlin (black/red 6 lb girl, now retired).

I loved delivering Devlin's pups and this girl was a nice red/apricot. Her ears are much darker. Here is a freshly groomed for summer but her coat is really thick and deep in color.

Jene is taller and bigger but she is skinny. She is always bouncing around and playing. She actually plays so much and has so much energy that I have to separate her and make sure she is eating to keep her weight on her. She's like a kid, always playing and only eats when told to stop playing (haha!)

Pictures taken 05-01-17

"Monarch's Sunset Sensation"

Sunny is CHAMPION SIRED and is also the daughter of my Tori girl (Victoria''s Little Secret!)

Sunny also has some awesome bloodlines, she has 19 of 62 champions in her 5-year pedigree :-)

This girl is a little high maintenance, she is always wanting to be the center of attention and at times, she will nip on fingers to get my attention to be held or pet again. She never stops!

Pictures taken 05-01-17