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"Fuehne's Jack Benny"

"So very cute!"

Jack Benny was bred from Bentley and Blossom. Bentley comes from the Empress Shih Tzu line, who are more of the tiny lines. Blossom is just simply the best personality and I love her puppies!!!

Great-looking male and well-behaved!

" Fuehne's Cool Black Coal "

This precious tiny boy is just that...absolutely precious!!!

~ Solid black coat ~

His mom is Ebony, she was bred to an outside male by a good friend of mine so he is not related to any of my girls!

He will be our future male stud and will be ready to breed in December.

He is a tiny little boy at about 4 pounds. I keep feeding him but he has good bloodlines with imperials in his pedigree so he will be tiny. He will be the perfect stud for my tiny Bichons for Teddy Bear puppies.

"Fuehne's Midnight Moon"

Midnight is very well behaved. She plays but also loves to sit "pretty" for me. Such a cutie!

Her parents are
       Blossom & Bentley


She is short and cobby with such gorgeous eyes!   

AKC Ebony

Ebony is the mom of Coal, our future male stud.

She is solid black with short/coby legs.

She has a great body and face structure. She prances around a lot and struts her stuff. 

"Maple Grove's Blossom"

"Sitting cute, very content and lovable little girl"

We purchased Blossom young, she was a 3rd generation pup whose owner had her dam, sire, grand dam, and grand sire. He mom is Latte, a solid liver. Her dad, Teddy, is a gold/white who is short and cobby.

Blossom carries the liver line, she is black and white but has a lot of silver running through her coat.

She is short and cobby.