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"Fuehne's Princess Mila"

Mila's parents are Taby (retired) and Biscuit (retired).

I also had both of Taby's parents Calla (retired) and Hercules (retired). I kept back Mila and Gigi at birth...but Gigi was just a bit too tiny to breed so she is now retired.

Mila is an amazing little girl, she is a great mom. We bred her to Coby and the pups were completely awesome!!! I can't wait to see her breed again, she had pups of all different colorings.

"Fuehne's Miss Cupcake"

This girl is adorable!!!

She has a tiny little face and is always being carried around by the kids. My daughter really likes her and hauls her around in her princess baby doll stroller.


"Fuehne's Mercedes Delight"

Her parents are Celina (now retired) and Hercules (also retired).

She has a good and playful personality...just like her mom. She has the nice 'silvery' coloring, which is very pretty and silky.