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"Wiebelhaus's Sniffers"

Sniffers can be bred to any of the AKC Maltese girl or any of the bigger-boned AKC Toy Poodle girls. Sniffers has the prettiest maltese puppies and when he is bred to my red poodles, OMG...those Malti-Poo puppies are the prettiest red and apricots.

~ Sniffers is champion grand-sired ~

Pictures coming soon...

"Fuehne's Toy Tinker"

He is a sweet boy and can't wait to be played with and held.

Pictures coming soon...

"Kel's Angelic Blessing"

Blessings is such a great girl. She is always inside running around and by my side all the time. She is also one of those mommas that will literally climb over the puppy play yard areas and go to another mom's litter of pups and just lay down with them and try to act like she's nursing them :-) She's a true blessing to us.

Pictures coming soon...

"Fuehne's Teenie Tisha"

Tisha is a little girl, she is petite and just a little doll-baby. She has not bred yet so we are excited to see what pretty little pups she will have.

Pictures coming soon...

"Fuehne's Talking Tara"

Tara is a spunky little girl. She is fun and outgoing...definitely keeps my kiddos on their feet and is just full of energy. She loves to be groomed and is a beauty!!!

Pictures coming soon...

"Fuehne's Tiny Tibbi"

Tibbi has the personality of Tisha. These two sisters are two-pees-in-a-pod. They go everywhere together and do everything together. They are both pretty tiny and I can't wait until she has her first litter.

Pictures coming soon...