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Hi Charity. I hope everything is going well. I just thought I would give you an update on the puppy.

He is doing great and Nick and I could not be happier with him. Here is a picture of him.

The girls are doing great.  Izzy is weighing in at just over 5 lbs and Zoey just over 4 lbs.  They are so playful and learning lots if new tricks, like getting on the chair.  They passed their first puppy class and they are looking forward to taking an agility class in the spring.  Izzy is such a snuggle bear and we nicknamed Zoey lion because she can toar like one if she needs too.  Love them to pieces. 

Thank you for such great puppies.

The girls are doing great.  Went to Vet yesterday for one of the shots you said to get:)  Izzy weighed in at 3.80 lbs and Zoey weighed in at 2.94. 

They are so good and are going to their 2nd puppy class tonight.  They have mastered sit:)

This is a picture of him on the deck. We named him Marley   He is doing wonderful. A little spoiled but great. We couldn't love him more!

They love playing with their toys:)

The girls hanging out by the ac vent:)  They love looking out the french doors leading to the backyard.

Izzy and Zoey are doing great.  Have pottied outside no accidents.  Are eating great:)  Thank you so much for our sweet girls.

Hi Charity,  

Thanks for checking in.  We are doing great; loving the newest addition to our family.  Titan will be celebrating his first birthday soon and we can't imagine life without him.  He is such a sweetheart.  Even my mom, who is not a dog fan, can't help but to love him!  Attached is a picture of Titan in one of his favorite outdoor spots.   

We hope that all is well with you and your family.  Have a great summer!  

Scott, Kathy, Lucas & Titan

Hi Charity,

She is doing great! She has learned sit, down, paw, roll over, and rings a bell to go outside.. She's a bit of a tomboy, likes to eat worms and play in the dirt! Her spaying went well and she got her stitches out yesterday! She's up to 8lbs and healthy!

Charity, Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to you. Macy is such a joy to have !!  We is so much fun. She gets along great with Izzy, our black lab. Macy still doesn't know that she is a small dog. She went swimming in our pool last weekend. She did great !!

...The attached picture is from Halloween. She gets groomed about avery 4-5  weeks. We still have her on Royal Canin food. She does well with that. Have a great day !!Barb

Just thought I would send you Bentley's 10 week old pic...He can go upstairs, but can't come down them..So I can put him on the steps and get a pic I like....I thought this was a great pic..He is just doing great, and sleeps with me...Thanks for everything Charity. I'll keep in touch with future updates....and should I say that everyone thinks he is the cutest puppy around.... Wesley


I thought you may want some pictures of Ozzie and Zoey for your testimonial page.  The boys love them and we only have one regret...not getting them sooner.  Tell your children they did such a good job raising them until they could come home with us.  We are taking such good care of them and my youngest (11 year old) loves his dog Zoey.   

My oldest (20 years old) who was with us when we got them, Mike, named his dog Ozzie (after Ozzie Smith of the St. Louis Cardinals).  My husband told me Zoey would not sleep in bed at all when we brought her home, so the first night she slept in her kennel and whined most of the night.  Night two she started the whining before even going into the kennel.  SOOOO my husband (Mr. Tough Guy) said just put her in bed with us.  Guess what he won't sleep until she is there with him.  LOL I think it is awesome.   

Both dogs have adjusted well to our family and my mom loves them (my dad died Oct. 18, 2011 and this is the best therapy we have for her).  She waits until they are up to watch them play and sometimes she even holds them.  WE are all loving them and each day is a new adventure.  I have attached some random pictures for you to see how well they are doing.  I even made them each their own doggy blanket. YES THEY ARE SPOILED!!!!   

Thank you so much for bringing such joy to our family.       

Sincerely,   Chris, Marla, Mike, Noah, Ozzie and Zoey

… She's doing great at night. Sleeping through! Puddles here & there during day but she’s tiny. Funny with coco. She’s the annoying little sister. Fun to watch. Eating well. Responds to “potty” command. Overall doing great…

05-24-12 Pic msg sent

Hi Charity,   Wow, all girls. Yes my little guy is doing a ok...He is a little terror, in a good way...He has slept with me since I brought him home..He woke up the first night about 430a.m. crying, so I took him outside, and he went to the bathroom. The second night he woke up at 530a.m. crying, took him outside, and went again...Since then he has slept with me until I got up around 7ish...I see this is gonna take a while to poddy train...I take him outside for a half hour, and nothing happens, then he comes in for 5 minutes, and he goes...LOL..well I know he is young, and will take a while, and thats ok...for I love this little guy, the way he growls, and barks when were playing, or when i walk thru the house he grabs onto my ankles, and i have to drag him to another room, as he is growling the whole way...its just tooooo funny...and yes having a puppy is very interesting...Thank You again for the joy  that this little guy has brought me... Wesley

Dear Charity
I just want to let you know that Miley, my little female schnauzer is doing just great, shes such a wonderful little dog, we truly love her so much, she gets along great with my papillions. I have so many friends who want to take her home with them when they come to visit. I tell everyone about your dogs and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a pet.  Thank you so much for such a good puppy.  When i took her to the vet for grooming they told me she was the cutest schnauzer they have ever seen. Here is a picture of her now i thought you might want to see what she looks like.  She weighs 9 lbs, shes a very dainty little girl, she loves snuggling with my Xena, my papillion as u can see in the pic. I did get her fixed and microchipped...so she did really good with that.  I love her so much, and once again thank you for raising such wonderful pets.
Mrs. Patti


Just thought you may want a few pictures of Ozzie and Zoey. 

They are adorable and we are falling more in love with them each day.  They each have their own little attitude and personality and it's very cute. 

Tell your little girl thank you for taking such good care of them.      

Chris, Marla, Mike, Noah Ozzie and Zoey

She's so cute I wanna another one!!!

Hi Charity! 

Oscar's vet, Dr. Burks was really impressed with his records and health. She asked where I got him and she took your name and information down. She also said that she would pass the information on to anyone showing an interest in a new puppy because Oscar was in such good shape. (No worms, complete shots, clean ears, etc.) 

We love Oscar. He is so lovable and happy. 


Picture sent by Brenda...

This has got to be the cutest pictures ever, Brenda is such a great "mom" to her Lily.

Hi Charity,  

We wanted to give you an update on our wonderful miniature schnauzer puppy, Poochie.  He is almost nine months old now.  He is such a great addition to our family.  He is so loving with our kids, loves playing, going to the park and exploring the outdoors, and cuddling.  He gets so much attention from our kids.  He loves to look out the window and watch the dogs and other animals around our house.  Poochie always greets us by running back and forth, giving us kisses, shaking, and wagging his tail.  Poochie is the best!!!!!  

Thank you so much.  


Charity, I just want to let you know how much we all LOVE LUCY!

She is just a little bundle of joy! Thanks so much!

Jane S.

Dear Mrs. Fuehne, I just wanted to let you know how very much I love my girl "Chloe". She turned 2 on February 24th, 2012. I had her a little Birthday party and made sure she had her favorite treats!!! Chloe is so SPOILED!!!! She is the love of my life. My son got married in September and I would have been lost without her. She is always by my side and sleeps with me every night. She is such a wonderful girl!!!! I am so thankful that my son bought her from you!! You have wonderful puppies!!! Thank you so much for letting Chloe be a part of our family!!!  Judy B.

I wanted to send you a quick note and update you on the 2 Bichon Frises we adopted from you on December 3, 2011. We met you at the Jack n Box at airport.  

Oshie and his brother Willy are doing great. Oshie has adjusted well, he is crate trained now and loves it!  He loves to go on car rides and play with his brother Willy. They love to chase each other in the yard and hide under our ottoman in the living room. Oshie loves to snuggle and takes his sweet time eating his puppy food. His brother Willy is the opposite when it comes to eating, he loves to gobble down his food and then belches when he's finished, it's the cutest thing. Willy is also crate trained and loves to sleep in it. My father-in-law is so happy to have him as part of the family.

I have attached an updated photo of the boy's. Willy is on the left, Oshie is on the right. 

Hi Charity! 

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thank you! We LOVE Oscar! He is so lovable and fun. He is now consistently going to the door when he needs to go outside. He doesn't always make it outside, but that's okay - huge strides have been made! He also Loves to kiss and he is a voracious eater. I have never had a dog that has eaten as fast as Oscar.  

Hope your holidays were enjoyable -  

Thank you! 

Elizabeth, Alex, and Teresa


I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday.  

I know my mom is looking forward to talking with you. They both absolutely love Coco and she has settled into her routine. Their back yard is fenced in and she loves running around back there.

Thanks so much for everything. I'll never be able to top this Christmas gift :)


Picture sent of parents in Knoxville, TN on 12-26-11.

New paragraph

New paragraph

Hi Charity, I just wanted to thank you again for breeding such a wonderful dog. He’s awesome. He’s really caught on to housebreaking easily. If you ever breed another litter from the same parents let me know!!!


We apologize for not updating you on Titan.  He has become a wonderful addition to our family.  Lucas and he have become the best of friends.  Titan has become very loving and at the same time a little whirlwind.  I must admit he always keeps us on the move.  I truly believe we could not of found a better pet.  I want to again thank you not only for providing us with a loving pet but also for you're advice and personal interaction when we picked Titan up at you're house.  We will happily serve a a reference if the need should arise.   

Take Care,
Scott, Kathy, Lucas, and Titan  

Update: doing awesome! No accidents. Been going outside. Goes in crate when tired/overwhelmed. Very amused!! Been going outside & comes back to the door when done. He goes to the crate when he’s done playing! Very smart!! I’m surprised! Napping again now. It’s my kids who need more training!!! Last night u can tell he was update/nervous. Kept looking around. Whimpering & trying to get past us like he was searching for family. Whimpered twice last night but found him awake & just hanging out in his dry crate at 7:30am. He likes the chew so that’s be the first thing we’ll break. He’s perfect!! He named him Coco.

Hi Charity,

We named him Michael. He's very active and healthy...

We are happy to live with him.

We've attached his pictures for you if you wanna see!

Thanks again.


I was thinking about you guys just the other day and I thought that I'd drop you an email about our mini schnauzer Belle. She's doing wonderful!! I'm so glad that we have her. Anyway, I just thought I'd share a picture I took the other day. She was sleeping on the floor and my 1 year old, Levi decided that he was ready to take a snooze too. So, he decided that Belle would make a great pillow. He layed his head on her and fell asleep. She just layed there and slept with him. It was so cute I had to snap a picture of Levi and his "Pillow Pet". :) I hope things are well with you guys!

Thanks for everything we love Belle so much,

Hi Charity -

I just told Scott this weekend that we need to send you a picture of Titan.  He has grown so much!  We're having a ball with him.  He's very, very playful and full of energy but also likes to cuddle.  He's also very smart and learned quickly to go to the door to go out. 

Lucas and Titan have become good buddies and we've found it much easier to get Luke out of bed for school when the pup wakes him! 

We'll get a picture to you soon.  'Hope that all is well and that you enjoy the holidays!

Dear Charity,

It has been several months now and we've been meaning to send you an updated picture of our beautiful Teddy Bear Pup- Stella. As a reminder, she was part of a litter born on April 8, 2011 and we met up with you at Bubba Gumps in Chicago.

Stella has brought an incredible amount of love and joy into our lives. It's hard to even remember what life was like before she joined our family. Stella is healthy, energetic and everything we could have hoped for in a dog. Currently, she weighs in at 9 pounds and spends much of her day either playing with her toys, racing around the house and yard, napping in her bed or sitting on the couch with the family. Stella has learned to sit, lay down, shake and come in a relatively short period of time. We're pretty sure she's the smartest dog in the world.

Thank you so very much for giving us the gift of Stella. We couldn't be any happier!!

Salvador, Colleen, Adriana and Maya

how Cute !  Hi Charity !
Sorry for the delay, I have been out of town. Our little "Murphy" is the best puppy we have had in 41 years ! She was potty trained in a day (followed our other dog out the dog door, and just continued from then on ), behavior is terrific and just as friendly as can be. We keep saying how wonderful this puppy is and how lucky we are to have gotten her. Believe me, if we know anyone interested your info will be the first recommended !
She looks just like your pics, I will send you some when I figure out how to get them here !
We are going to Lake Worth (our real home) this week for a month and Murph will get to meet her grandma's and cousins ! I can't wait, she is just the cutest little dog ever !
Whatever you do to care for these puppies is surely a blessing to us who end up with them. Keep up the good work Charity !
I will be in touch again with pics and thanks again !

love and peace, Marcia

Puppy arrived in excellent condition. She is a little afraid right now but moving around in the car.  She is absolutely gorgeous. You have been wonderful to work with and made me feel very comfortable with this transaction.  If I can provide a reference for you at any time I will be happy to do that.
We will keep in touch and send pictures. 

Thank you for this new addition to our family.
Eleanor and Sam

Hi Charity,  
How are you doing? I wanted to let you know that Macy is doing fantastic. She is so much fun !! We love her !! 
...Well, have a great night !!  Barb

Hi Charity,

We just wanted to give you an update on Bella. She’s almost 5 months old is and doing great. She weighs just over 7 lbs. and she adapted to her new home quickly. She loves to play outside, go for walks and the occasional car ride.

We all love her very much and she is well cared for. We included a picture of her that is recent. We hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks and have a great day.

This is Tiberious.

Hi, Charity:  

Thanks for checking in.  Well, Toy Baby (now Snickers) is sitting on my lap as I write this, so that should tell you something!  The transition has been seamless, which is a tribute to you and your entire family, no doubt, and the great care and love that you gave her.  Snickers is as sweet and smart as you said.  She has quickly fit into our routine and likes to be involved in everything we do.  ...The boys are very athletic boys and Snickers loves nothing better than running, jumping, or otherwise romping around with them.  Snickers is even helping the boys with their lacrosse drills, which is hard to describe, but a real sight to watch (I'll try sending you a video at one point).  

Snickers also has made quite a splash in our neighborhood.  Kids are flocking to the house to play with her.  We can't walk more than one half block without someone stopping to chat with and fawn over Snickers (in one case, a car came to a screeching halt, and in another, a neighbor literally ran out of her house, to find out what kind of dog Snickers is - I wouldn't be surprised if you get an inquiry or two or more about available puppies!).  Snickers has made a number of dog friends at the park.  Her best friend right now is a 110 pound lab named Marley.  They are the quintessential odd couple, and together are always good for a laugh.  

…So yes, rest assured, everything is going well.  I'll send you pictures and updates periodically.  I've attached a picture from the other day when we met you and Snickers at the airport.  The joy in our boys' faces is evident.  I'm sure that Snickers will be bringing us much joy in the years to come.   

Again, thanks so much!  

Hi Charity!

Here's a picture of Boo Boo!  We are enjoying every minute with him.  He's 8 pounds even and full if energy.  Such a smart  puppy. He learned to sit, speak and give "5" in 3 lessons.  He LOVES to be outside and loves to dig holes!!!!!

Kim and Jim

Hello Charity! 

Today is Ellie's 6 month birthday and I thought you'd like an update on her! Today, she went shopping to pick out a birthday gift for herself! She is very happy, potty trained, naps and plays with our other schnauzer Bandit, loves sleeping in her crib (or on my pillow) at night, and enjoys spending the days outside by the pool. She now weighs 10.3 pounds and has been spayed. The hardest part of the surgery was keeping her calm; she acted as though nothing had happened to her!

Thanks again for such a wonderful dog! Hope you are doing well!  



The puppies are now almost 7 months old so we thought we'd send an update.

We just want to say how happy we are with Dash (Bichon) and Pepper (Shichon). They are such nice, loving, and intelligent companions. Our two boys graduated obedience school with flying colors and we're putting them in the intermediate course this fall. In addition to watching the fish in our Koi pond, Pepper loves taking naps under our couch and Dash loves socks. 

These two are also inseparable. Even though they aren't from the same litter, they have quickly become best friends and can't stand being apart. We just want to thank you for doing such a great job taking care of these dogs. They have become such an important part of our family and we can't imagine it without them. 


Hello! I wanted to give you an update on our wonderful puppy--Jack. We have only had him for a week and a half, but he fits in like he was always meant to be here. There was no real "adjustment" period. He instantly loved the kids and is even adjusting to our cat--Jinx. We think Jinx is a saint because he even lets Jack sit on his head! He is the perfect mix of sweet and playful and discovered today that he can run really, really fast (it is hilarious to watch!). He's just like one of our kids because he gets super-excited when it's time for my husband to come home. We are also amazed at how smart he is. He knows what it means to go outside to potty and even whines at the door sometimes. The other day he took one of his toys to the door and whined because he wanted to take it outside to play!

Thank you so much for taking such good care of him before he came to us. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a wonderful pet.


Little Shichon - Story who went to 12 year old Maddy

I just wanted to let you know that we did take Story for her puppy check on Wednesday and everything was great.  She is getting used to her new home with two cats and 100 lb lab and 12 year old human mom.  They all seem to be getting along great.   She is doing well with house training and the only time she has accidents is really because we aren't watching.  She is a feisty little thing with a mind of her own but we sure do love her.    

Thanks - June


I have meant to send you a picture of Sunshine for a while now.  Just wanted you to know she is doing great.  It didn't take long for her to become a part of the family.  Her and Sammi get along so well, as you can see.  She is spoiled rotten.  They are going to the groomers tomorrow. 

Thank you for such a wonderful dog.


p.s.  Sunshine is the one in front!


I'm writing to give you an update about Ellie's first couple of days. She has been a very good girl and has no adjustment problems. She still seems very attached to me; she even cries if I leave the room. Her and our other schnauzer Bandit are getting along very well (he is teaching her all of the house rules). We took her to the vet yesterday and she passed with flying colors! She is eating like a pig and sleeps through the night without any crying. She has only had one small accident since she got to the house. She has been very playful, cuddly, and gets along with everyone in the family. She slept most of the four hours home on her blanket in the car. Thanks so much for all you did with her! I've attached a couple of pictures in a Word document for you to see how she is doing.

Thanks again for everything!

Sincerely, Amy 

Hi Charity, I am sorry it took me so long to report back on Honeybun alias Sugar .

She is doing great. She and Cuddles, our little boy, are great friends and love to run together.  She is enjoying running in the backyard, and sure is fast!!  We love to watch her.

Honeybun is wonderful and we just love her so much.  She is a bundle of love.

Hi, I'm Charles daughter, Theresa and my mom, Elaine told me about your website. So, I thought I'd drop you an email to tell you about our mini schnauzer "Belle". She's named after a princess because she really thinks she is one. lol. When I went to pick a puppy, Belle and I kind of had a moment. I had actually chosen another puppy and then I saw her. She was in the back and when I saw her she really stole my attention. For some reason, she stood out from the rest. I figured I'd call her, if she came, then she's the puppy for us. She came right up to me. The rest is history so to speak! I was amazed when we brought her home and she was practically house broken! I can count the number of accidents she's had since we got her in October. She also never whinned. My neighbor got a puppy 1 week older than Belle. His dog cried and cried and cried. It would have drove me nuts. Belle on the other hand, just fit right in. She was happy from day one. I've never seen a dog as smart and packed full of character as her. She keeps us laughing that's for sure!

We originally wanted a mini schnauzer because my 2 year old daughter Lily was terrified of dogs. My husband and I thought since she's so young we'd get a puppy to help her get over her fear. But, Lily has asthma, so that really narrowed down the breeds we could have because of the pet hair. Belle doesn't shed at all! It's so wonderful to have a pet and not be covered in pet hair.

Anyway, the funny stuff about Belle. I had no idea what an awesome dog we had picked out. She loves baths. I've never heard of a dog that loves baths. Have you? When I run bath water for the kids, she's in the tub before I even get the kids undressed! My husband and I have three children. So, we have an over abundance of toys. Belle has a few of them that are her favorite. She will literally jump in the toy box and dig until she finds one of "her" toys. She doesn't just take the one off the top. Thinking about it even now, makes me laugh!

This dog is just unbelievable! She's so wonderful with my chidlren who are 4, 2 and 1.  She's not overpowering or aggressive in any way. It's especially funny to watch her with my 1 year old. He plays fetch with her and tug of war. haha. I am just really amazed at what a wonderful pet that Belle's been for us. I never imagined having a dog that has so much character and is so smart! My family really loves her so much. We're so thankful for such an awesome dog. I would recommend you guys to anyone. In fact, I already have! I thought that I would send some pictures of her too. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for Belle, my 4th child! (or so she thinks!) lol :)

Hi Charity,

We wanted to update you about Mushu (born 06/03/10). He was neutered last month and is doing fine. He weighs 16.8 lbs now.

He is truly a wonderful dog. He loves meeting people and other dogs and is very friendly. We have been taking him to obedience school and he is doing very well. He absolutely loves children and has made them cry when he has had to say goodbye. We could not have asked for a better companion.

The pictures were taken at Sedona, AZ where we had gone for a holiday.

We hope your family and you are doing well.


...heres my baby allie she has grown since i bought her from you love her so much thank you again

Mrs. Fuehne, I just wanted to let you know how "Chloe" is doing. She is just adorable...She never even cried once the night we brought her home. She sleeps with Matt in his room or in my room with me. She is very good about going outside to go to the bathroom. She has only had a few accidents. She has started going to the door and looking at me when she wants to go out. We love her so much. She is definitely SPOILED !!!! We have bought her all kinds of toys and she loves to play. We have a cat in the house and they are always playing together. Chloe has brought so much happiness into our lives. I am so glad that Matt bought her from you. You definitely have good puppies. You should be very proud of them. Thank you again for letting Chloe be in our lives.

Hello Charity, Mary here......just wanted to let you know that our new puppy, "Koby" is doing great!! He is so full of energy and so much fun! He's like having a newborn through the night....he doesn't care too much for the kennel. Were going to see the vet tomorrow. Jessie wants to thank you for her wonderful birthday gift....she is 100% pleased with him and so are we. Duane says he looks like a seal pup. Again....Thank You!