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I have had many people come see my pups and absolutely fall in love with my adults. I have always given away my dogs to good people in need of a solid, quality adult but...then I started noticing that people were not always honest and one time I actually saw one of my dogs that I gave away posted for sale on ebay (she was not giving her away, she was selling her for money...she didn't even take a new picture, she just used the same picture of my dog in my car on her ad). I then made the decision to put a relatively low price on my adults to ensure that someone who actually wants one gets one. I have some awesome adults, ranging in ages.

I go through a process where I ensure no males are around my girls for a period of about 70 days, after this I know for sure they are not preggo and they are then available to go to their forever home.

For girls that are currently preggo, after the puppies are weaned at 8 weeks old, they are available.

For all adults, they will need to be spayed/neutered (unless specific breeding rights are agreed upon in our contract). All adults, while under for their spay/neuter should also get their teeth cleaned. I try to get everyone's teeth cleaned as often as I can through a dental, through my vet tech using dental tools, or through regular brushing but...with any small breed dog, it is always necessary to get their dental done every year. The rule of thumb for teeth is that the smaller the dog is the more plaque buildup happens. I made the decision to not do the dental and defer that to the new owner since the surgery for the spay/neuter would be done (no sense in going under twice!) The same antibiotics are used for spay/neuter and the dental so the cost is rolled up into one fee.

Neuter contract required for pet price!!!

"Coburn's Ricardo of Reveille





Super sweet boy, absolutely lovable. Likes other dogs, plays well and is definitely smart. PRA-cleared!!!

AKC Registered: PR14725202
AVID Microchipped: 004-382-868
HomeAgain Microchipped: OA001603349
DOB: 07-26-10 (6yrs old)
Adult Yearly Vaccination: 06-14-17(1yr); next due 06-14-18
Rabies: 08-21-15(3yr); next due 08-21-18

Below is the order in which the future girls will come available for re-homing: