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                                                             Fuehne Family Pets in Aviston, IL
                                                                          ~ family owned ~

Charity Fuehne, owner
cell phone: (618) 977-5177

We are located in rural Illinois, about 30 minutes east of St. Louis, MO.
Our zip code is 62216 (if using Google Maps to estimate distance).

No showings without an appointment!

We will drive (within a reasonable distance) to meet you at a convenient location. We often are able to travel to Mid/Western Missouri, Chicago area, Southern Illinois, and Eastern Indiana. 

If we do have to drive long distances, we may request an additional charge to cover vehicle expense.
This all can be negotiated.

Our home and business is located at:

14825 Ranz Road
Aviston, IL 62216

When coming off of Hwy 50, you go North at Aviston (Russland Rd). For the sake of directions, I will assume most people are coming from the west, Fairview Heights/St. Louis area. As you approach Aviston, you would take a left when you see the Aviston sign. You will be heading out in the country.

At the first crossroad, literally about a block off the highway, you take a left. This is where a bunch of houses are and a big subdivision starts. Turn left. The sign actually says 1350 N but it really Old State Rd.

You will go straight for just a bit and then the road curves to the right onto Ranz Rd. Note: if you go left you will run into the highway/dead-end...if you go straight you will go into someone's driveway toward a farmhouse. Make sure to curve to the right.

Ranz Rd. is a dead-end road. You will go about 2 miles. Our home is on the left at the far end.


I have posted pictures of our mailbox, our very long driveway, and our house that you can NOT see from the road. We have our home and our very large shed that my husband uses for his construction stuff and for our dog business showings. This is our office for the dog business so please park by the shed.


I hope these pictures help everyone find us easily.

The mailbox stickers are reflective and pretty large so if you don't see this mailbox then you are at the wrong home.

For the sake of not upsetting the neighbors with random people knocking on there door asking for a puppy, please make sure to turn at the right mailbox. I am certain my neighbors appreciate this.

Thank you!