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I use various different methods to estimate the adult weight of my puppies.

I start my assessment by do the following:

- Weighing the puppy

- Convert the exact scale pounds (x.xx) to ounces

- I use the charts below to base my initial estimate off of

- I keep track of their changes every two weeks to see their growth changes so I can "tweak" my estimates, as needed

Additionally, I do not rely solely on the charting method as many factors are to be considered:

- The size of the parents

- The parents lineage (tinies, velvet touch, teacups, etc.)

- What prior litters have weighed from the same parents and other parents to give me a feel for which parent typically throws what size of puppy

- What the owners of the puppies have told me via phone conversations or email testimonials (I do have a 'Testimonials' page that has some great pictures and sizes as well)

- The time of the year it is (has the puppy played outside a lot and gotten exercise or has it been inside during the winter months)

- The total number of puppies born in the litter

Although it is near impossible to "for-sure" tell you what your puppy will weigh, I have been fairly accurate in estimating what my puppies will be as adults. I try to be as fair as possible and will always try to add more weight to the estimate rather than going too low and the puppy be bigger that what you expected. This has happened to me a few times myself and I base myself off of honesty not making the puppy sound small.

Other factors to consider is the type of food you choose to feed and how much. If you feed a high fatty food or one with a lot of fillers, your puppy will grow larger as they are getting unnecessary nutrients versus what they need. If you stuff your puppy with food many times a day or give "scraps" (which I am against), your puppy will grow bigger. If the puppy has free access to a doggie door and a fenced yard, then your puppy will be more fit and stay slinder by burning off the extra calories. Puppies eat different amount in the summer and the winter also. Their weight will fluctuate with the seasons, this is normal.

I believe there are many factors that determine what your puppy will weigh as an adult.

I do try my best to provide accurate measurements and information to give you a good range of what I believe he or she will weigh to make the best determination on which puppy is best for your family.

Various charts can be used to determine the estimated adult weight.

** Charts similar to this +/- a few ounces can be found in different formats all over the web.

** Another chart found all over the internet, most commonly used for identifying a teacup, tiny toy, or toy size puppy.

** I have not been able to find who first put together the above charts so I could reference or give credit to the maker. The charts are all over the place and have been very reliable in determining the estimate adult weight based upon the puppies growth from birth on.