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I received this email from a Toy Poodle puppy named "Josie".

Her parents are Rocket and Lola.

Her new mom captured her thoughts and sent them 10-08-11. I have continued to receive periodic updates from her, which I love!!!

This truly is the cutest and most adorable set of testimonials I have received. I rank it as my "best testimonial".

Thank you Eleanor!

Dear Mrs. Charity

It’s been a whole week now since you packed me up in that crate with my blanket and grooming tools and drove me a long way in the car. I thought maybe you’d like to know how I’m doing.

After you left me, my day got really strange. I was moved around from place to place and ended up somewhere that was mostly dark and a little noisy. I stayed there for a long, long, long time. Then all of a sudden somebody opened a door and light came in from outside. Then somebody else took my crate and put it on some kind of cart and rolled me to another place. Before I knew what happened I was in another dark place a lot like the first one. I really didn’t know what was happening to me, but I tried to be brave. I ate some food, drank some water, and slept a lot. Eventually that door opened and this time somebody picked up my cart and walked with me into another place that had lots of lights and people. A man and lady and little boy were waiting for me and seemed really happy that I had come. The lady arranged to get my crate open (she said something about borrowing scissors in an airport was really a challenge) and she reached in to lift me out. Hmmm. The lady wasn’t you! I’d never seen these people. Who are they? Why am I here? Where are my mommy and my sisters and brother? The lady kept saying how perfect I am and how amazed she was that I was all nice, clean, and dry. Don’t know what she was talking about, but it must have been a good thing ‘cause it made her and the man with her pretty happy. And seems liked everybody in that place wanted to see me and talk about how pretty I am.

Well, these two people and the little boy took me to a car and we drove again for a little while. Finally, we must have gotten where we were going. They got me and all my stuff out and we went inside this house. Everybody was being really nice and the little boy kept telling me he would come and play. It was getting late and I was tired from my trip. They must have been tired, too. They gave me a little food to see if I was hungry, then we played on the floor for a few minutes before the lady picked me up and I fell asleep in her lap. When I woke up, we played again for a little bit, then the man took me outside and kept talking about could I pee-pee and poopie. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I must have done good because he picked me up and said I was a really good girl and he was proud of me. When we got inside this time they started turning off all the lights and we went to their bedroom. They had a special bed and my pink blanket waiting just for me, and I got to sleep on the bedroom floor right beside where the lady was lying. I went right to sleep and didn’t wake up until about 6:30 the next morning. This day started with me being called baby and these two people calling themselves my mommy and daddy! They surely don’t look like Rocket and Lola, but they treat me real nice so I kinda go along with them. They like my kisses, so I’ve been giving them out freely.

I have decided I like this place and these people. The little boy lives next door. He is 9 and has to go to school, so I only get to see him in the afternoons. He calls my “new mommy” grandmommy. Don’t know what that means either, but he is fun and likes to run with me outside. I have a great big back yard that is inside a fence, so sometimes I get to go out without my leash and collar. (By the way, Mrs. Charity, I have “diamonds” in my new collar!) I have a couple of new toys, but my favorite things are shoe laces and a toilet tissue roller. My “new daddy” has a plaid fleece blanket that he uses in his chair and on the floor and I like it so much that he lets me sleep on it a lot. He also has a fleece jacket that hangs on a chair that I like to pull and tug on. They must not care because when they left me alone for a little while today he left that jacket where I could still play with it. One day this week I found out that hiding under mommy and daddy’s bed is lots of fun! I took my little Beanie Baby doggie under there with me and had the best time growling and yipping at him. It reminded me of playing with the other puppies at your house, but this one doesn’t bite back!

I heard mommy say something about my being the quiet, less mischievous one in my family. She giggled when she said that, and then she said that if I was the less playful one she would really like to know how my sisters were getting along. She giggles at some of my antics, but she really doesn’t like it when I bite her toes! It took a few days, but I’m beginning to figure out that I’m not supposed to do certain things. I keep forgetting, but they just keep reminding me.

I am eating well, sleeping well, and learning that when I get to go outside it isn’t always just to run and play. I’m working hard at training these two people to pay attention and to take me outside after I eat and about once an hour unless they just enjoy cleaning up my accidents.

One afternoon I went to sleep in mommy’s lap. When I woke up, my feet looked really different. She told me she had trimmed the hair on my feet and trimmed my toenails while I was napping. That was okay, but I didn’t like it at all when she tried to trim around my neck to make a place for my collar. She tells me that she is even going to polish my toenails. Ha! Ha! We’ll see about that!

These people love me a lot. I know they do because they are always telling me that and they want to hug and kiss all the time. If things keep on the way they have started, I think I’m going to love it here. Thanks, Mrs. Charity, for taking such good care of me when I was at your house. You gave me the very best start a puppy could hope for and then you helped me get to these Snead’s where there was lots and lots of love just waiting for me. I think we are going to get along just fine.

My mommy has tried and tried to get some pictures of me. I’ve got too much playing and exploring to, as she says, sit still and “look pretty” for any picture. Maybe I’ll settle down a little and let her do that one day – and then again, maybe not! My picture at the top of this letter was really taken with my daddy holding me. (I’ve really got this guy wrapped around my paws!) Mommy took it and did something to get rid of daddy so she could just have ME! (Except for the writing that was on his shirt that now looks like a feather growing out of my hair!) Maybe I’ll learn to like having my picture on things so she can get some more pictures to send you.

Mommy and daddy say to tell you thanks for helping them get me and for the extra special care you showed by keeping up with what was happening with me last Saturday. Knowing that you were on top of things must have really made them feel better. They also say that it’s nite-nite time now and I have to go out to pee-pee and poopie (whatever in the world that is) so we can go to bed. So nite-nite to you. I’m being a good girl, and I like my new home.

Love, Miss Josie

(They named me Josephine, but everybody just calls me Josie, and I’m learning to come when the call me.)  

Dear Mrs. Charity,       Happy New Year!  

I tried to send a message to you at least a week ago, but Mama has been rushing around like crazy lately.  She still calls me “baby girl” and wants to kiss and hug a lot.  So does Daddy.  But the truth is I’m really not such a baby now.  Last week I was 5 months old!  It was like some special day around here (Christmas Eve, or some such), but these people still thought we should celebrate my milestone day.  Seems like we did a lot of celebrating.  I’m not at all sure who this Santa person is, but I know I like him a lot.  He left me a big box of Greenies, a bag of food, and several new toys to play with (since I didn’t already have a box full).  There were also a few other presents for the others and we all had a big time tearing paper and making a mess.  

I’m still getting along just fine.  My Mama says I’m growing up too fast.  I’m still really full of energy and love to play.  And I do love attention.  I want everybody together and where I can see them all the time.  If anybody leaves the room, I put up a fuss until they come back.  I still forget and bite sometimes when we play, but these people remind me pretty quickly and clearly that they don’t like that.  I’ve learned a few new “tricks” now that I’m a little bit bigger.  Everybody was really surprised when I jumped up on the sofa all by myself a few days ago.  Once I discovered I could do that, jumping up on things has become a fun game.  It’s almost as much fun as running through the family room and kitchen like a streak of lightening.

Mama thinks you’d like to know that I am now 10 inches tall (floor to shoulder), about 14 inches long (neck to tail) and weigh 8 pounds.  She says I’m big enough now and she hopes I’m through growing.  My potty training is going well.  I’ve learned to bark when I want to go outside and, except for occasionally getting in too big a hurry and wetting the floor before I tell anybody, I’m about to get the hang of this.  I sleep really well, and have even been allowed to sleep on the bed with my “parents” several times.  Mama’s just afraid I will try to jump off the bed and get hurt.  She really likes to groom me, so I get brushed and combed every day and get my teeth brushed.  Now that’s a real experience!  Some days she trims my toenails and I don’t like that at all.  She also uses a clipper to shave the hair from my feet, face, neck, and base of my tail.  That’s not so bad, but I get really tired of her messing with me for long times.  Guess that’s what girls have to do – that and wear bows in their hair!  Guess I have to admit that I feel pretty and I prance around a little more when I’m all fresh and clean and have a new haircut and pedicure.

Mama got a Christmas card from one of her college friends that had a picture of the lady with her new red toy poodle.  Her puppy is my same age and looks just like me!  We are going to Tennessee in about 2 weeks so I can meet Spice and my Mama can reunite with this person she hasn’t seen in about 46 years!  I don’t really like to ride much, but these two people are really excited so I’m going to have to try to be a good girl.  

I hope you and all your family and the doggies are doing okay since I left and that you will have a good year in 2012.  Mama is sending you a few recent pictures of me so you can see how beautiful and grown up I am.  She says I have to go now because we have to get ready to sing some song and watch somebody drop a fancy ball.  I like balls, so I don’t want to miss this!  

Love, Josie

Mommy and Me In our favorite rocking chair  
Dear Mrs. Charity,  

My 9-months “birthday” surely did seem to come in a hurry.  It’s hard for me to believe I have lived here in NC for more than 7 months already.  So much has changed for me during that time.  My mommy says I’m a very smart little girl and I am doing well with things she has tried to teach me.  
My size and weight seem to be settled now.  I’m 10” tall and weighed 10 pounds when I was at the vet’s office about 2 weeks ago.  Mommy and Daddy say I have long legs, and that my body is long from my neck to tail.  They are always telling me how beautiful I am, and when we go out anywhere everybody we meet says the same thing and talks about my unusual poodle color.  They also talk about my polished toenails!  I rather like being the center of so much attention.  

We enrolled in a puppy class at a PetsMart about 30 miles from home back in January.  Really, I haven’t learned that much during the classes, but Mommy spends a lot of time with me after we get home each week, so I guess I’m doing okay.  I “graduated” from the first session in March and I will finish the intermediate class in another week.  Mommy says we probably will stop then – at least for a while – and just keep practicing at home.  Learning to “speak” the same language as Mommy has been hard, but I now understand a lot of new words.  I know sit, stay, down, hello, heel, wait, walk, come, drop it, leave it, and go to your bed.  I can sit pretty (some people say beg) and walk on my hind feet.  I’m learning to twirl around while standing up tall on my hind feet.  And I have learned that I have my own special place to go when I need to potty.  You’d be really proud of me. 

Riding in the car has not been my most favorite thing to do, but I am getting a little more comfortable with it than at first.  Guess what!  I have my very own car seat and when we ride I can sit up high enough to see out the windows!  I like that.  I get to go almost everywhere my family goes, but occasionally I stay at the house next door with Andrew (he’s the little boy who came to the airport to pick me up when I moved) and his Mother, Robin.  I like them a lot and I have a good time playing with Andrew.  

My new home is a happy place, but I miss having the other puppies to play with.  We go to visit sometimes and I play with the doggies that live with Mama and Daddy’s friends, but we just stay a little while and then go back home.  Maybe sometime I can have a puppy sister or brother to come live at my house so we can play.  

I really wanted to write to wish you and Lola a Happy Mother’s Day.  I’m a lucky little girl because I have lots of mommies to love me!  I hope you and Lola are both well and happy.  

Love and puppy kisses,