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AKC championship bloodlines range from 3 champions within a 5 year pedigree       
            an impressive 41 champions!

We have quality bloodlines and healthy companion pets.

                    We have a temperature controlled building for breeding…                  
                            ...with "more than adequate" space to run outside!

            We raise them by hand, care for them, and welcome then into our home.
               Our adults love playing and exercising in our large, fenced back yard.
             All of our pets are gorgeous, well taken care of, healthy, and happy!
                             Our pets are our family and we love them all!

Our goal is to produce quality puppies and to provide a good home for our puppies!
    With experience...
                 ...and knowledge
                         support your pet to ensure a good start in their new home.

If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We welcome questions and comments.           We also love hearing from families who have made an "addition" to their family.

We are governed by regulations with the State of Illinois.
We are in good standing (100% compliance) with inspections by the State and by AKC.